for Exports to:

  • Algeria (Certificat de contrôle de qualité/ Certificate of Quality Control of Goods)
  • Sudan (Inspection and Analysis Certificate)
  • Pakistan (Conformity Certificate and Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate)
  • Yemen (Inspection and Analysis Certificate)
  • Uzbekistan (Clean Report of Findings)

and other destinations like Egypt, Ethiopia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc.

CONTROL UNION INTERNATIONAL Inspection Services GmbH offers conformity assessments for any kind of goods in accordance with the legal regulations and actual requirements of the countries of destination.

Based on the results of our inspection and testing, the exporter will receive the Certificate Of Conformity necessary to cash the Letter of Credit and to obtain release of the goods by customs and other authorities in charge in the importing country.

We are acting worldwide. All services and activities are monitored by our head office in Bremen, Germany and coordinated with our local offices.
All services are out of one hand. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.