DIN/EN/ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Our Partner

CUCert GmbH (CUCert)
Mary-Astell-Straße 10
D - 28359 Bremen
Tel.: +49 421 220 97 610
Fax: +49 421 220 97 555

is an independent certification company established in compliance with the requirements of ISO 17021 / and ISO 19011.

The company’s purpose and main activity is to certify companies and organizations conforming with ISO 9001 and / or alternate Quality Management Systems.

The CUCert certification system is applicable to any type of company or organization.

In response to a growing demand for certification in recent years, CUCert was set up in 1999 to take over and expand the certification activities startet by our company.

CUCert has since developed a number of sophisticated services to meet all conceivable client needs. The portofolio embraces a great variety of services in the field of Quality Management (ISO 9001 ff) and Environmental Management (ISO 14000).

Apart from the reputation of the CUCert label, there are many other advantages of choosing CUCert. Auditing and certification by CUCert is fast, flexible, non-bureaucratic and tailored to the size of the client’s company. The time span between ordering and receiving the certificate is short.

For more information about the certification program for your organization or for a tailor-made concept please contact us. We will organize the audit and certification process regardless of where your organization is located.