Inspection of
Fertilizer and Cement

Surveyors of Control Union International possess vast experience in the inspection of all kinds of fertilizers like natural fertilizers and solid and liquid chemical fertilizers.

The purpose of cargo surveillance is to prevent all these commodities when shipped in bulk from becoming soiled or wet in the transhipping process and to ensure shipments, wether in bulk or bags, to meet contract stipulations as to weight and quality.

Our fertilizer service includes inspection of hatches and hold compartments and loading / discharging equipment to determine their state of cleanliness and dryness.

Throughout loading temperature controls are performed and representative samples taken. Our surveyors specially monitor the problem of bulk fertilizers often not flowing freely.

In periods of adverse weather loading / unloading operations are stopped. In the case of bagged fertilizers bag quality and size, markings and the adaquacy of storage facilities are inspected and drop tests performed. Verification of weight by draft survey is as much part of our service for fertilizers and cement as is the thorough analysis of samples (in the case of cement extending to initial setting time, compression strength) etc.