Company History

Under its present company status Control Union International was founded in 1978, but the roots of our group go back to the inspection of cotton and agricultural commodities started in the European ports in 1856. At that time the company started at several inland places to offer product inspection and quality assurance services in the commodity and technical sector to the European market and to clients in the Middle East.

As the industry developed, CONTROL UNION INTERNATIONAL became a leading company in its field and eventually focused on its present-day scope of activities as an independent assessment body in the technical sector and a provider throughout the world of engineering and pre-shipment inspection, testing, analyzing and quality assurance services to major European companies, Government authorities, the import and export trade, and to companies trading globally.

The company is privately German owned, fully independent and not attached to any trading organization or subject to any economic interest other than its own, and working under its own general terms of business.